Polygon Investment Management

We are a global fund management company whose goal is to provide customized investment solutions for individual investors and smaller institutions. We believe that smaller is better in fund management and do not seek to be the largest firm, but the firm that adds the most value per unit of risk.

Polygon’s investment process is driven by asset allocation and geographic diversification in order to achieve the optimal combination of risk and reward. We believe diversification is the most efficient way of controlling risk and employ a core satellite approach to create a liquid, low volatility combination of stocks, bonds and alternative strategies.

While each portfolio is tailored to client preferences and risk parameters, we generally invest the bulk of our assets in a long-term, strategic core designed to provide low cost exposure to global markets. We then take smaller satellite positions in higher risk – higher reward areas of the market, like smaller companies and emerging markets. These market segments tend to be more volatile, so, to control risk, we limit exposure to a small portion of the overall portfolio. As these markets often do not correlate with the major markets they may offer additional benefits in terms of diversification.

Polygon manages the core positions internally but often uses specialist external managers and closed-end funds to gain exposure to smaller, less efficient markets where we may have less expertise. We believe this hybrid approach fits well with our core satellite strategy and allows Polygon to combine the best of both worlds—low-cost market exposure to efficient markets, combined with the use of best-of-breed managers with the potential to outperform in inefficient markets.

Polygon prides itself on transparency and on putting its clients’ interests first. We are compensated on a fee-only basis and place a great deal of emphasis on understanding our clients’ objectives, liquidity needs and tolerance for risk. Service is a priority and, like our portfolio management strategies, we seek to tailor it to meet the specific needs of each client.

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